Sunday, January 15, 2012

First words! Wait, what did she just say?

So Baby Girl is, well, not so much a baby anymore. She's in that sweet spot where you still feel compelled to treat her like a helpless little baby but then she rears up and surprises you with little signs that now she's a somewhat less helpless, little person. You can't just hide the remote under a couch cushion and expect her to forget it or simply put the raisins back in the pantry without her pawing at the door. She wants to, has to hold the leash when the dog gets walked. The sound of the bath brings her squealing, running, stripping clothes like a spring breaker hitting the beach. She knows things now.

Then there's the talking.

No longer does she just imitate sounds at random moments leaving her parents debating whether she really did just say "I love you "or "this diaper rash is killing me." It's all happened so fast but the synapses in her massive (99% percentile) little head are starting to fire. She's figuring it out; when I make these noisess, things happen. That's the basis of speech I guess. And like her mother, the girl knows how to make things happen.

While the 'talking' still involves mostly pure baby jive and excessive grunting and hand gestures, she's mastered some real words. Words that leave no doubt as to their meaning and intent. Let's take a quick look at Baby Girl's top words in the vocab:

Banana –pronounced Na-Nah. Origin- One of the primary and most consistently accepted eaten foods, easily recognized by its distinctive shape, color, and visible storage location on kitchen counter. Ex: "Will you please eat more of your vegetables? " "Na-nah, Na-nah." "Banana it is then."

Dad – pronounced Da. Origin – Needs no explanation. Ex. "Who is the cool parent?" "Da." "Dad, indeed."

Dog – pronounced Duh. Origin – We have a dog. She enjoys tormenting him and he needed a name she could say. She also calls anything with four legs a duh, but since we live in the suburbs and not the Serengeti, she's almost always right. Ex. "What happened to all of your crackers?" "Duh."

Duck – pronounced Duc. Origin – Yes, we're living dangeroulsy with this one but I like birds. We live on a lake. It has lots of ducks. "D" words are easy for her (see Dad, Dog) I may have taught her this one and praised her with hugs and sweet edible things when she said it but you can't prove it. Commonly confused with Dog. Ex. "What is that (pointing to anything that's flying)?" "Duc." "Good girl, here's a cookie."

More – pronounced Moh. Origin – Someone thought it was a great idea to teach to ask for more when she wanted more. Now everything is something she wants more of. Ex. "Look I just gave you a bite and if you're mother finds out, I'm in serious trouble." "Moh." "Alright then."

No – pronounced Noooo (with furious head shaking and brow furrowing.) Origin – Who knows but she's heard it more than enough to figure it out. It's always her first response to anything she feels a threat, a question, an article of clothing you attempt to put on her or a food she's not familiar with. Ex. "Can I get you too…." "Nooo." "You don't want the box of crayons and mom's jewelry to play with?" "Nooo."

Thank you – pronounced Tju-ju ( usually accompanied by an ear-to-ear grin.) Origin – We're trying to teach her some manners to balance out the biting and unnanounced belly button inspections. Definitely the most freakishly cute thing she does now. Every time I hear it, my heart bleeds a little and I fight the urge to go online and buy her moa. Ex. "Okay you can have another sip, now please don't show mom." "Tju-ju."

Oh Shit – pronounced Oh Shit Origin – Um, yeah. Pretty much means what it means. Have no idea where she mastered this little gem but supsect it was the mother in law.  We're not that bad of parents and we tell ourselves we have to break her of this before she drops it at daycare, the doctor's office, church, while we're Skyping my parents…but we can't stop freaking laughing when she says it. Ex. (Dad drops his keys in a puddle or yells at duh after her just puked moh
na-nah on the carpet.) "Oh shit." Oh shit is right.

Good times. Minus the occasional swear word, I think we're doing okay. I'm loving every minute and looking forward to moh.

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