Saturday, January 28, 2012

Toddler Decathlon, Events 1 & 2

The first two events of our Toddler Decathlon have been unveiled. What am I talking about, I explain here.
Event 1 – The Pacifier Throw

                An essential tool of everyday toddler life (we’re trying to quit it, I swear) parting with the pacifier seems impossible. She clings to this for dear life during sleeping and car rides, but exit the crib or car seat and she jettisons the thing like it’s on fire, where it usually falls behind furniture, in a pile of something disgusting curbside, or some other obscure location that takes two parents forever to locate. For this event, the athletes will attempt a one-armed pacifier toss, being judged on distance and degree of difficulty in the recovery. Extra credit if it lands in something dead or previously eaten.

Event 2 – Ten Meter Sprint

                We’re definitely in the why-walk-when-I-can-run phase.  It’s cute when she’s getting picked up at daycare and she pushes six kids down to get to you like she’s chasing down a fumble in the red zone. It’s not so cute in a crowded store with plenty of breakables at knee level.  Either way, she wants to run.  Simple rules for this event, the best time wins.  You get one do over for a face plant or blown shoe. A thirty second bonus is given for completing the dash in socks - the ones without the grippy thingys on the bottom.

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