Saturday, March 3, 2012

The Toddler Cleaning Companion

I don't know how some parents do it. I really don't. No, I'm not talking about the parents of a six month old that knows his letters and colors already, in French. Nor the ones that magically get their kid sleep trained in one easy evening and already know what side of the plate the fork goes. You're just weird, congrats.

What astounds me more are the moms and dads that go through this whole parenting thing without a little help, especially when it comes to food and the toddler. For me at least, the greatest test of baby will and daddy patience most often occurs at meal time. Nothing gets the blood pressure bubbling like an intentionally spilled cup of milk or half-masticated banana thrown across a freshly scrubbed wood floor. And nothing upsets our little angel more than the offering of the wrong piece of toast that is clearly next to the piece that she really wants. The ensuing mess would nauseate a buzzard. Know what I mean? So why go through this alone when help is available.

I invested in a Toddler Cleaning Companion (TCC) some years ago, long before I signed up for the dad gig. Turns out it works just as well for a bachelor pad lifestyle as it does for the family circus. Doritos and spilled beer can ruin a rug as bad as squished fruit and curdled milk.
I got a used one. Some shell out big bucks for designer brands or imports. You can get them for free. Hell, I've seen them on the side of the road. Though I can't recommend those models if you've got kids or nice things.

I went with a low-mileage brown and white model, designed by the Germans but with a few minor glitches.

Has all-weather capabilities.  

I see other parents without a TCC and I stare in disbelief as they meticulously hunt every last stray Cheerio on the floor like they're lost contacts. People, there's a better way.

Would you rather pick up that piece of milk-infused bread with your bare hands or let the TCC handle it?

You expect me to clean this up all by myself? Did we lose a war?

Unlike an expensive appliance, you never have to turn your TCC on and it doesn't run on batteries. It's always ready.

 Wait, you do this yourself?

That crumb will be gone before it hits the floor.


Another vacuuming job I didn't have to do.


That's why I have the TCC and I would encourage every toddler owner to as well.

Some maintenance is required to keep your TCC running smooth, but it's minor.

Again, just a glitch or two.



  1. great post. Isn't that the best cleaning product ever-LOL! I have a few of those and I love it and whenever my little one is eating that is exactly where you will find them!

    Both your babies are adorable!

    1. Thanks! Sometimes though I need something to clean up after the TCC...

  2. We have three small kids, and have been contemplating a TCC for quite some time. I do spend a lot of time picking up every last cheerio. LOL

    1. They certainly come in handy. I can't imagine the mess three kids can make!

  3. Ha. Love this. But I've told the kids they can have a dog when they are ready to care for it. I don't need more work.