What is A Man Called Dad?

It was a two hour flight. This was the minute she wasn't screaming.
I am the one they call Dad.

I woke up one day married, with a screaming baby in the next room wondering how the hell did I get here and did I remember to switch out the laundry? I'm now working two jobs, the newest being a dad and rodeo clown to a beautiful 2010 model baby girl. The wife’s the brains of our little operation, works full time and does grad school in her 'spare' time.  So I change lots of diapers, call the laundry room my home office, and can be found most Friday nights quietly sobbing in the frozen food aisle at the grocery store. 

I'm  southern boy trapped in his own Odyssey in the frozen mid-west.  I still say ma'am. I had my leg broken in Belgium. I watched a camel fight in Turkey. My senior prom was in a German castle (in Germany). I've eaten rattlesnake.  My professional fly-fishing career was cut short due to knee injury.  But the coolest thing I've experienced yet was getting a high-five for the first time from this little girl.

I am determined to kick this daddyin' thing squarely in the ass while still being cool and away from the emergency room as much as possible. Kids still listen to Nirvana right?  

These are my stories. Come for the snark. Stay for the grits and sweet tea.

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